Help me, I'm totally stuck.

I'm a girl, but I see myself as a boy, I never feel like a girl, I should have been a boy and of course I like Girls, but I don't want it to make me lesbian because I feel like I'm a boy, to every point except that I ain't got what all boys have. I'm a boy at heart, totally.

There is one girl in my life, yeah, my best friend, and damn she is the most beautiful girl in the world, I'm truly in love with her, madly in love. At first I thought that she would see me like a girl and this won't work out. But slowly she was being flirty with me, like
(i) When sitting together for lunch, she would rub her feet on mine secretly under the table and act all normal (HAPPENED ONLY ONCE)
(ii)She holds hands with me many a times, like all girls do to their boyfriends, holding arm in arm. This happened countless times.
(iii)So many girls are her friends and while talking to them she never looks in their eyes, but while talking to me, she always does that.
(iv)Some some times she tries brushing her hand with mine at times where there is absolutely no need to, and trust me, she does that only with me.
(v)Very often she rests her foot on mine, slightly rubbing it, but I don't no if I'm the only person whom she does this to.
(vi)She rested her head on my shoulder during a group conversation, and I'm the first person she did this to.
(vii)Almost everyday, every time, her eyes meet mine and she grins.
(viii)We have a gang of girls, who are not too girly, and almost everyone do some jokes or something on me, but she never does, even when she does it is a silly joke and she supports me when someone is making fun of me. (I TOO MAKE JOKES ON THE ONES WHO MAKE JOKES ON ME, SO DON'T WRITE ME OFF)
(ix)Her tastes and mine coincide with 100% accuracy (I'M NOT LYING)

NOTE : Till 7th Grade she had her own tastes and all, In 8th Grade she sat with me and I used to tell her what I liked and used to explain why, and by 9th Grade she started loving all those things I loved. (AT THAT POINT OF TIME, i.e. before 9th GRADE, I DID NOT LOVE HER). After we slowly became very good friends, I slowly started liking everything about her and fell totally in love with her. Everyday, every minute, every second I keep thinking about her. She does not act like she has the same tastes like mine, she just developed them, well and truly.

(x) VERY IMPORTANT ONE : Very recently, she not being with me as she used to, she has gone nil on flirting with me, she is getting a bit too close with another girl. Of course, me, the girl I love, the another girl that whom I mentioned above and a few other girls are part of the same gang in school and are bestfriends. The girl I love, has never been so physically close to the another girl whom I mentioned. I cannot understand why this is happening now?
NOTE : The girl I love used to be physically close with me but she stopped being close to me and is being close with another girl like I mentioned just earlier.

Guys I need your help to clarify four things,
1) Does the girl I love, love me back?
2) Your your answer to the above question is yes, please tell me really solid reasons why? and if your answer to the above question is no, please tell me why she was so flirty only with me but no one else?
3) Does the girl I love see me as a boy or still, as a girl?
4) Why did the girl I love stop being close with me and why did she start being close with that another girl?


NOTE : I did not put this question in the Gay, Lesbian, Bi category because, I see myself as a boy feel like a boy, and be like a boy, I don't like being a girl. So that doesn't make me lesbian.

Asked May 27, 2013
Edited May 28, 2013
1) Sorry... I don't think so.
2) Sometimes teenage girls just act that way with their friends. Maybe you were her favorite friend. It doesn't mean she's necessarily romantically attracted to you... especially if she's not bi/les.
3) Few teen know much about transgender issues. She probably sees you as a girl.
4) You'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure that one out! Let it go. Are you trying to figure out what you "did wrong"? Do you think you made a mistake at some point?

Here's an online transgender youth chat if you want to talk through anything with their transgender mentors:

I also like when I want to chat through things with someone I don't know....
Answered May 27, 2013
I'm dissapointed with the eventual result, but thank you so much for answering, I got some clarity on this. Ya you are right, I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong with her. I did not even confess nor show any hints about my feelings for her but she is kinda not paying me the kind of attention she used to.

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