How to get rid of really bad morning headache?

So a few days ago I was sleeping and it was time for school and when I was walking up my head was hurting really bad which was the headache it was't to bad but when I put my head sideways on the bed everything got spinning and I got dizzy so I put my face upward and that helped to stop the spinning so I got up and went to school, the next day my headache wasn't that bad as yesterday so I was ok and then the nest day came and I had almost the same headache as before in the begging but without the spinning and it was still a bit painful I took some medicine and suddenly I
barfed and that was all the food I ate but I think it was because I ate a bit to quick, I wanna know how to get rid of the headache and I kinda have't tried medicine yet because I barfed the first on out, so please help and thanks for helping if you do!
Asked May 24, 2013
Edited May 24, 2013
Did your heart surgery go well??
Lana312 May 24, 2013
i have't had it yet!
It sounds like you have a Vacular Pressure Migraine. My mom and I get those a lot.

They are usually caused by blood flow slowing down, reducing the amount of oxygen in your brain. This is what causes the dizzy/pain effect. You should tell your doctor, because most of the time they are hereditary and a certain medication can help make the pain bearable
Answered May 24, 2013

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