I think I love my bestfriend, shes bi and im stright and I dont know what to do

my friend is bisexual but I'm straight,
i think I have a crush on her tho but she thinks where just ''best friends.'' I don't want to tell her tho because she just broke up with someone else and I don't want our friendship to be ruined, so ending this I think I love my best friend HALP
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Anonymous User
Asked May 24, 2013
Tell her you like her, and see what happens.
Answered May 26, 2013
i just did
she didnt say anything yet
I hope it all goes well!!!! :)
it did:) -the girl
it did go well, thank you to everyone
Tell her how u rly feel.. She probably feels the same way..
Answered May 26, 2013
i told her but she hasn't respond);
Shez probably confused and shocked..
Im a Bi in love with my straight best friend.. N I was kinda idk confused but happy that she loves me back (:
she said yes ( I had to make a new acc )
i love you shayla, it's all good;)<3
Answered May 27, 2013
love you too boo
Woah you guys together now? :) Very cute!
Answered Jun 21, 2013
she left me for someone else :((

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