Friends who have sex, but not friends with benefit?

i want to be friends with this guy who I am very attracted to, and we've
tried dating.. but I'm not the girlfriend type, and we've had issues. We're kind of together, we talk daily, say I love you, but I refuse to call him my boyfriend..

he keeps calling himself my boyfriend, but he's out with other girls,
I'm sure of it, though he lies if I mention it, which he has every right
to, I'm the one who don't want us to be official.

If you're an in open relationship with someone, how do you talk about being exclusive "kind of"?

..We were exclusive, I got freaked and wanted space, partly because we weren't working, but we're better when things aren't too serious, we fight so much, too

I'm not even
seeing other people, I don't want anyone else..
he says he doesn't either but he needs to be in a relationship, he needs someone to call his own, bla bla..

I don't want to be his girlfriend but I don't want to be friends with benefit, I want us to be friends who don't see other people?

Asked May 21, 2013
When I started reading this I though it was going to be easy to answer, until I got to the end and it's very hard to answer. But I wiill try my best.

First say things about you relationship then move on to you just being friends but say "there's a catch" and say that you would like to be "friends with benefits"

I know this might not help entirely but sometimes it's good to be honest with your partner/friend as they might feel the same way. He might even want the same thing.
Answered May 21, 2013

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