I'm disgusting and I hate myself.

Everyone keeps telling me im thin, but everytime I see myself in the mirror all I can see is fat. I dont do it for attention, its something I just cant stop. I dont want to eat ANYTHING. my family is worried, but it makes me angry when they tell me I look okay, because to me im just fat. I hate myself. to me I could never be thin enough. id rather die by unimaginable torture than gain a single pound. please help me, its like demons have taken over and they won't get out of my fucking head to let me breathe....
Asked May 19, 2013
Trust me, I get it. I'm 11 and a while ago I was starving myself to the point where MY BODY didnt accept food. I get it.......... It's SO frustrating!!!! People would tell me I'm skinny, (which I was) and I wouldn't believe them at all. Go to a therapist and get help, and trust me, when you get to a very dangerous starving point, it IS unimaginable torture
Answered May 20, 2013
She's right! Great advice from Lana :3
Solmyr Jan 08, 2014
"I'm confident that I deserve and can do better and have someone who treats me the way I should be treated, but right after I ended it, he went to my friend, pretty much because she's easy and because I had left him."
You're the same person that said this. Dont be like that, okay. I did this and Its wrong. Im 102 pounds right no at 5'4'' and its not good. Youre perfect okay
Answered Jan 08, 2014
you are anorexic, :( you need to ask a counselor to talk or maybe to your family (i know I didnt want to either) but ask to go to a therapist and talk things out and you will get better.
Answered Jan 09, 2014

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