Does she like me? Getting mixed signals.

This is kinda complicated but about 6 years ago I met this girl and their was an instant mutual connection between us and we dated for a short period of time. But due to a drug problem I let her go her seperate way. (im a recovering addict too) We lost contact for about 5 years and just recently started talking again, she is sober now and we both are single full time parents. When we hang out together I get the feeling shes into me because their is non stop flirting, she never takes her eyes off me, always tells me im amazing, always leans into me when we sit together, shows affection to my kids as if they were her own, and so on. but after we hang out I always have to be the one to call or text her (once tried not to initiate a call and went 5 days before I called her and we hung out again), she always seems busy or she never gets back to me right away ( like a day or two) Im just confused on weather I should continue to try or sit back and see if she reaches out to me??
Asked May 15, 2013
She defiantly likes you.. She might not be the first to call or text you she could be busy with you guys both being parents.. It also could be hard for her to talk to you.. Ask her how she feels about you.. You just might be surprised by her answer! Good luck!
Answered May 23, 2013
My question for you is.. how do u feel about her?
and sometimes us girls we like playing it hard to see if the guy was really into it or not.. and also maybe she is busy as "Heather1546" said :)
so if you like her.. you should take her out on a date and see where that goes :))!!

Good luck and all
Answered May 24, 2013

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