For all girls!

hey this is not a question but I have something to say:
there are girls that feels fat and ugly
well I was in a show with models and u know they have size 0 right?!
and that like big as your head
but if u do 3 times or 4 times or 6 times size zero u still have size zero!
so every girl out there that thinks that shes fat ur skinny not just skinny but perfect dont let those guys or girls trying to insult u because ur not fat ur an model ;)
and beauty is not only on the outside there is beauty in the inside of women but nobody sees it.
everything that those douches told u about how ugly and fat u are ur not ur probbaly getting an happier life then them!
because they care about looks and not love
so an girl out there ur super ur an beauty u r skinny U R PERFECT!

i share this opinion with my brother so dont think ur ugly or fat okey?
every one that feels okey now gets an rate
Asked May 14, 2013
Edited May 14, 2013
I applaud you for making this statement to the insecure girls worldwide.. I tip my snapback to you sir ;) XP
LG2159 May 14, 2013
copy and paste it!
soo more girls can read it!
i would if I had someplace to paste it XD
LG2159 May 14, 2013
make facebook?
or skype :D
Okey! ;)
Answered May 14, 2013
Nice one mate u seem like a genuinely nice guy :)
Answered May 14, 2013
Edited May 14, 2013
haha thanks
Np :) ─║ol
FJM12 May 14, 2013
Thankyou :)
Answered Apr 09, 2014
wow... im 14 and I get bullied allot I hear the sentence "kill yourself" every day, I use to self harm and now I have so many scars, I had to leave my formal last night in school from balling my eyes out , and I told my family, I didnt feel good now im sick '_' to be honest i'm embarrassed of my self i'm 130 pounds and im like 5'2, but I dont look like it really, I just fear who I am ... but after reading this , it made me smile , I wish there were more people like this in our world.. ur perfect for righting this, I hope others see this. it is a inspiration , thank you , so much <3
Answered May 17, 2014
First of all, I am so sorry that you felt this way about your self. I way more than that and i'm friggin 13! I used to think I was so fat and ugly and I was depressed for a while, but now I have lots of friends and nobody even cares what I look like anymore. I fixed what I could fix to make me look slightly better, and I think I look so much better. also, I hate bullies. they're just dooshbags who think they are so much better than everything else, but they all have issues themselves. What I do is be nice to everyone, even bullies. I think that's terrible how people would tell you to kill yourself. it's just awful.
Whoever dared say "kill yourself is an idiot, for real. You're all lovely people. ;)
Lumalee Apr 27, 2017
Thanks so much! But I've been called overweight by some of my BEST friends! And my mom when j tell her what they say she doesn't believe me. So u really helped me plz help answer my question on my page!
Answered Aug 31, 2014
Lol you should have added "just because your breasts are small doesn't mean your buety is small" or somthin like that
Answered May 14, 2013
I didnt wanted that the text is to ong :) but thats a good one
Yea I agree :)
Tell them its OKAY to be in the IBTC- the Ittie Bittie T!ttie Committee ;)
LG2159 May 15, 2013
lol LG2 again\
Nicely stated, sir. Lol...
This would make many insecure girls feel better about themselves. :)
Answered May 15, 2013
:) thats was what I wanted to do
Probably going to tell my friend
u should do that!
Answered May 21, 2013
No offence mate, shut up. I feel fat and why tell people that they are beautiful if they're not. And I'd hate to be skinny anyway, I just wanna lose a bit of weight. Anyone that wants to be skinny ur messed up, coz I know people that are skinny and absolutely hate their bodies. All I'm saying is don't wish to be skinny, coz it's a nightmare.
Answered May 29, 2013
Everyone is beautiful. And people that want to be skinny aren't messed up, society is messed up for making them think they have to look a certain way to be accepted.
okay all he was trying to say was you dont half to be skinniny say that fat is the new skinny .. duhh ever heard of that saying ...
gee calm down beautifulbodxx.
Hey, he's just trying to help some people out, you're just perceiving it differently than he meant, not his fault
true. I hate how ppl want to be like toothpicks coz its "attractive", coz it's really not. curvs are better than twigs, ppl!!!!
yeah good.. I like it.. coz I m also a fat girl n I believe tht real beauty lies in the attitude of a person.. :)
Answered Jun 08, 2013
i agree. All ppl should be pretty from the inside out, bc most pretty ppl are so rude and others are really nice :P
I am fat though :(
I am 5'5 and a half and weigh 119 pounds :(
Answered Jun 09, 2013
no ur pretty
when u think ur fat its between ur ears yes its unhealthy
but u have to feel pretty and comfort if u arent of this reason:
people call u fat or even ugly
ur not because on every pot fits an cover :D
so ur pretty and awesome in ur own way!
:) Thats nice
Answered Jun 17, 2013
U have officially made my day I felt fat today(i ate a whole bar of chocolate) :)
Answered Dec 23, 2013

god I eat like seven XD
thank u now I should remember your nice words when some bullies*both male and female*call me fat and ugly
Answered Dec 23, 2013
Nice of a guy to do this, but I dont think a lot of us understand especially not moi and im at an ashtonising fatness of 105 pounds at 5'4''
<3 <3 <3
Answered Jan 02, 2014
The weight doesn't matter! I'm 5'5 and I weigh 138. I am a little chubby but I'm NOT fat. Most of your weight that you think is fat is actually muscle. Just cause you weigh more doesn't mean you don't have a tiny waist.
Answered Feb 22, 2014
Yes thank god!!! We finally have a REAL gentlemen!!! @aaron654 Thank you! Sometimes I need a reminder to not be so hard on myself for having a little pimple. lol thank you!!

<3 Angelic
Answered Mar 22, 2014
can you answer my question please?i think you could help me out..
Answered Mar 30, 2014
Will you please answer my latest question about weight? Anyone can answer!
Answered Nov 21, 2014
Small little things in life are the greatest source of happiness. You saying this must have helped so many girls, including me. Thumbs up to you.
Keep up the good work! :)
Answered Dec 10, 2014
I wish I could be size 0 but in 13 and still in kid sizes don't ask how cause idek how I'm so skinny
Answered Aug 25, 2015
Yes it is helpfull thanks
Answered Jan 08, 2017

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