May I please have some advice regarding opening a call center?

This is my business idea:

I've been working as a project manager in a call center in the UK for a couple of years, but I'm originally from Romania, and have now returned to my home country. During my stay in the UK, I've learned the basics of managing an outbound call center, and I'd like to open one.

Here are some more details about what I'd like to do:
- I want to start out by offering only small services, including but not limited to data mining(I can do it, and can also train people to do it), CATI production(I'm quite proficient at it), questionnaire completion(again, I can do it and can also train people to do it), telemarketing(I have gone through courses concerning it, but have never really practiced it myself, although I have occasionally supervised people doing it).

- I would like to start out by only hiring university students on a part-time/project based contract, since my funds are quite limited to start with(this is subject to discussion)

- I have some of the necessary equipment, and can provide tech support both on specific hardware and software issues, as well as train beginners in the field.

- I have some experience in dealing directly with a customer, and understand budgeting and pricing very well, since I was involved in this working as a project manager. From the calculations I've made, considering I'd be left with 20-25% of the income as profit, I'd still be able to offer prices under the current market of $8-$10 per hour, considering I'd be paying my employees a more than fair per hour rate.

Here are some of the issues i'm confronted with:

- First of all, how should I be pursuing customers? Is it efficient to list myself in call-center outsourcing lists, or should I go out canvassing for customers?

- Should I include a potential investor in the plan, or should I press myself to manage on the funds available solely to me? Bank loans are out of the question, since I have very little to no credit history in Romania.

- If the answer to the above issue is yes, how do I find one, and what would be a good "deal" to propose to him?

I might add more details later.

Thank you!
Asked May 12, 2013
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I think you need to study really your budget first, you really need to have financial advice so that you may prevent from bankruptcy.
Answered Sep 24, 2014
To start a call centre these are some important points:

Develop a business plan
Acquire the proper licensing to open a call center in your area.
good internet and telephone Connection.
Hire effective employees with excellent communication skills your building should be sound proof
Start contacting for clients
Now promote your business
Answered Oct 31, 2015

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