Why am I experiencing vaginal pain?

I found out yesterday that I had strep throat. I noticed last night that my vagina was in pain. It was red, swollen, had white spots, and would bleed when I went to wipe. My period had passed, and I have never had sex. I'm currently 17. I'm too afraid to tell anyone, especially my mom. Please help :(
Asked May 11, 2013
There is nothing bad about developing medical issues. Never, never be too afraid to tell your mom or a doctor about medical problems you're having. If you should have an infection of some kind, it could get much worse. Talk to your mom.
Answered May 11, 2013
You should tell your mom and she might be able to get you to the docter and they can find out whats wrong ive had infections with my gentials and I had to be circumcised because I kept getting urinary in tract infections and when I went to pee I saw blood in the pee it was a brownish color so I was afraid to tell my mom but when I went out I went and ran to my mom and told her my pee was brown and its because of the infection
Answered Sep 26, 2013
Almost not all women experience the extream symtoms like chronic pain or infections with vaginal trauma. The symyoms are very stuble Some of the symtoms includes numb feeling in your vagina or breasts, inability to experience an orgasm, feeling of something being ‘off’ down there yet tests all come back negative. The good news is it can be cured by the self yoni massage by relaxing and releasing your vaginal muscles.
Answered Jan 04, 2020

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