My bestfriend doesn't talk to me anymore what should I do?

I'm 13 and I had a crush on this boy since 6 grade but never tokd anyone then I recently found out that my friend likes him and now she's dating him. Its so annoying its her first boyfriend and all they do is flirt right infront of me . Since they've been going out her grades have been fkunking and whenever she's around him she suddenly turns stupid. I coukd never have any alone time with her he's everywhere and the only time she talks to me is when he isn't ther other wise when ever I try to talk to her she ignores me. We already took a break off our friendship because I couldn't deal with her or them flirting in front of my face and now I ended it and I miss her and I coukd tell she misses me. And I hate apologies....... Also my best friend use to always cone to my locker and walk with me to the bathromm after lunch but then one day she Stop and today me and my other friend was at lunch and her biyfriend was sitting with his friends so she sat at the table and was talking to people doesnt like and then she said im just gonna sit with you guys because I have no friends (thats what she said to t he people she hates )......Ps telling her I used to like him is not an option
Asked May 08, 2013
Your friend probably doesn't understand your hostility. And when your best friend is dating a guy you like, you do have some hostility. You probably act annoyed with her, or frustrated unintentionally. If you don't want to admit what's wrong, then nothing can be wrong. And what I mean by that is, unless you have some other reason to be upset with her, then you have to say that you were just in a bad mood. It's hard for someone to believe that you were mad for no reason. And if she's your best friend why didn't she know who your crush is? Whether your in middle school or high school I wouldn't worry too much. The chances of their relationship lasting is slim to none. But also, it will be hard for you to ever date him after she has. You never came clean about him, so she dated him. And if they break up.. You probably won't be able to date him and it be okay with her. And let me tell you that friendship is way more important than boys. Text her and tell her that your sorry. Just say that you were in a bad mood and didn't mean to make anyone mad at you. I'm afraid an apology here is inevitable.
Answered May 08, 2013
Thank you so much ♥ Kad16

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