How am I going to break my boyfriend without hurting his feelings?

i know it really really sounds weird that I want to break my boyfriend without hurting his feelings, how am I going to end up our relationship without hurting him? I love him honestly but my parents dont want him , thats why we decide to hide our relationship , but I want a real relationship I dont want to hide it thats why I told my mom that I have a boyfriend, I thought its okay for her but im wrong, I dont know why my parents hate him so much, I try to save our relationship but im so tired with my parents, I dont know what to do , my mom told me that I should end our relationship sooner or later but I dont know how I love him so much, I love my parents too but now they are mad at me , I dont know who am I going too choose, and I try to commit suicide I thought my problem will end if I die but im wrong too, I want a real answer, please ? :'((
Asked May 08, 2013
Listen, I have been there. I had a boyfriend who I was head over heels for, but he was black, and my parents are very racist. The toughest decision a girl might ever have to make is this one. But, there is one very important thing you must remember. Your parents will love you no matter what, Your mother and father have a special connection to you that can never be broken. If you truly love this boy, and think he is important enough to you, KEEP HIM. Your parents can't stay mad at you forever. And, (sounds silly coming from me) NEVER commit suicide. I know life might be tough, but you just gotta keep taking it. I hope this helped! ~Rose
Answered May 08, 2013
thank you . I decided , I will end our relationship . my boyfriend cant replace my parents right ? thank you very much , you help me alot
Please, do not commit suicide! I know this seems awful now, but this too will eventually pass. I've been in this exact situation. I dated a guy for three and a half years in high school. After the two years my parents told me that it would be best if I were just to be friends with him because we didn't mesh well. (They thought we fought too much. Which we really didn't fight that much, but at age 17 the relationship was way to serious.) So we continued to date for another year or so. Eventually I realized they were right. But I loved him way too much to live without him. We broke up. But stayed close. We still did everything together. He still came to all my softball games. I still took him to school, and home from school. And we stayed close friends until I got together with the guy I'm married to now. He still texts me on my birthday and Christmas, but that's about it.
You obviously care for this boy. And every situation is different. If you have decided that you are going to just go through with breaking up with him, then the best advice I have is to be honest with him. Sit down with him and explain how much you care about him and love him. Then explain how your parents feel, and how much their feelings matter to you. That you wish there was another way, but that you do not like being dishonest with them. After all "honor they mother and thy father". He may be devastated, but he should understand. And you guys can stay close and still be good friends.
If you are going to stay with him, then you need to decide that and stick to it. Your happiness does matter too. And if its not meant to be, it won't be and your parents are worried about nothing. I wouldn't hide it from them though. Nothing good can come from that. If you have to tell them that you really like this boy (I wouldn't say love because most adults roll their eyes when their kids say love) and that you wanna keep spending time with him, then you should. Hopefully they'll respect you for being honest, and coming clean with your feelings. Hope this helps, sorry it was so long.
Answered May 08, 2013
you made me cry so bad. thank you very much for your long explanation , I decided , I will end our relationship , thank you , I cant take it anymore , I want to ease the pain , my parents are more important to me than my boyfriend , parents knows the best . thank you godbless.
So here’s my situation. My bf of three years decided he wanted to take time to fix himself and get right with God (we are both Christians) he said maybe there is hope we can can get back together if God leads us there. I just started no contact and I’m working on fixing myself, getting a new job and stuff. We were almost engaged but our biggest issue was I was not supportive of his family and we argued over that. Immaturity on my part. I also pushed him to change to much and I didn’t realize he didn’t even need to change. I see he joined a Christian dating site three days after he broke up with me but he said its only to meet friends. He is a very honest guy. I need get him back and my last chance was love spell . Entered on the website , because I read that he has a lot of positive feedback. I’m not disappoint. My lover back to me in only one month. We are happy couple now.

Answered Jul 09, 2015

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