Help major guy problems!?

ok so this guy I likes has a girlfriend.... he knows I like him... but anyways he said he wants to walk me to my bus today... should I trust him?? or do u think he is gonna tell his gf all kinds of crap... I have our convo saved just in case he does but what do u think??!
Asked May 08, 2013
mmm, idk if you can trust him..
but what if he wants to tell you that he knows that you like him but he can't be with you cuz he loves his girl friend and offers his friendship..
but its a really good move that you saved the conversation .. cuz u don't know what he would say to his girl friend .. its like avoiding a problem with her..!!
Answered May 08, 2013
well I let him.. now it has led on to more problems.. he started calling me every night.. and then he told me he loved me and I may not believe it but he really does.. well now someone has found out and said they were going to tell his gf.. and he said that if they do that he is blaming on me, that I was sad.. which I wasnt he just came out of the blue and said it. what do u think I should do about tht?
Just tell the truth it will come out eventually
FJM12 May 15, 2013

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