Do cucumber slices work for dark circles? I mean like what does it do to get rid of dark circles?

Asked May 07, 2013
I honestly don't know. But I heard that a cold tea bag reduces the dark circles. So make a cup of tea and then put the wet bag under your eyes. It's suppose to get chilly!
Answered May 07, 2013
so I make hot water and wait for it to cool down then put the tea bag in it then put the tea bag on my eyes? lol sorry im confusedd
amor_b May 08, 2013
Yeah that's what you do lol because once you take the tea bag out of the cup, the air makes it cooler.
ah okay haha thank you x
amor_b May 14, 2013
Cucumber acts as a coolant. It relaxes the muscles around the eyes. This helps release the blood collection beneath the skin of eyes. The dark circles fades way so yes cucumber slices work to reduce dark circles.
Answered May 09, 2013
thank you :)
amor_b May 10, 2013
Frankly speaking cucumber may works for dark circles but when u stop using it or if u forget to keep cucumber on ur eyes some day due to some work than u can notice that dark circle will again appear...
So instead of this try some eye creams because they will work better for u!!!

Hope This Will Be Informative For U!!!
Answered May 16, 2013

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