Could I be pregnant having unprotected sex before 2 days of periods?

i had unprotected sex with my bf on 01-04-2013, 1 days before my actual period (date 02-05-2013).he said he didnot come in me.but I doubt for precum and I had my periods 2 days late.04-05-2013..could I be pregnant?
Asked May 03, 2013
Answered May 03, 2013
:O :) :( I have heard if periods occur that indicates thers nothing to worry.? should I wait for 14 days for a test.?
jeeth May 04, 2013
What you think is your period is probably early signs of pregnancy. Get a test that detects earlier, like first response
Lana312 May 04, 2013
You could be in the clear, but...

Some women still have a period in the early months of pregnancy, so you'll only know for absolute certain by taking a test. If you're having unprotected sex, assume you're trying to get pregnant on purpose. If you want to avoid pregnancy, use at least two forms of BC (like a condom and a spermicide, etc.). There's no point in having unprotected sex, then getting worried later. Just avoid that unnecessary fear. Protect yourself in the first place, and skip feeling this way. Don't put yourself through this.

Here's info on when and how pregnancy tests work:
Answered May 04, 2013
ok..i understand what u tell me..we use protections..but this time it was unexpectedly..!!
jeeth May 05, 2013
You might want to look into emergency contraception that you can take after unprotected sex. It's effective for preventing conception if taken right after unprotected sex. In the US, it's called Plan B. Don't know where you are....
No. You wont be pregnant. You are very safe during those days. But if you wann be sure, you can take atleast one safety method or family planning method. Anyways, I want you to watch great compilation of amazing porn videos on the best pay porn sites by .
Answered Jun 18, 2018

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