Can you live happily with having sex about once every 2 weeks?

My husband is going to school full time,working very hard at making our lives better and is going to be graduating this year with honors.Sex is far from his mind because he's so focused on school and his upcoming job when he graduates.when I approach him he really isn't interested.talking about it irritates him so it's like it's become a job to him.I have talked with others and they tell me to just let him alone and eventually things will work out.What do you think about this?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked May 02, 2013
Yes. Things will work out. And who said sex is the key to happiness?
Answered May 02, 2013
He just seems busy. But you should tell him how you feel so he is aware. He probably isn't doing it on purpose. He's probably worn out. The best way to bring him back around (this worked with my husband) is to just randomly (when no when is around) pull his pants down and pleasure him. If that doesn't turn him on and make him interested, he may be a lost call for a little while sexually!
Answered May 04, 2013
Let him know how you feel. Remember some "toys" today are really great. Try something different and reconsider when he finishes school. No matter what, though, men should not ever neglect their pussies. It is his duty to pleasure you!
Answered Oct 15, 2013

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