I'm 12 and I'm not allowed to go shopping with my friends with no adults.

I'm in year 7 now and some of my friends are allowed to go to the movies, shops, takeaway places, etc and they asked me if I'm allowed to go with them so I asked my mum (My dad left my mum when I was 4) and all she said was.. NO! And then she starts talking about my other friends and their family saying their parents are bad and they only want to get rid of their children, I've done lots of research and all of them said the right age was 12 or 13? My mum said until I was 15 I'm allowed to go out, I can't wait that long! What should I do? How can I persuade her to let me go to the shops without her? Please help!
Asked May 02, 2013
im not allowed till 16! SO I think ur all right. some parents are just protective of their children. don't worry
anon99 Sep 02, 2013
I feel you bro
Lana312 Sep 02, 2013
thanx lana
anon99 Sep 03, 2013
oh my gosh, I had the same problem! Just send her the links to the websites u researched. and invite some o fyour friends over and get them talking about going to the movies and shopping by themselves, in front of ur mom. this will either make her pity u that u r the only one who cant go or make her consider that, hey, maybe I should let her go! These girls look responsible! Make a plan with ur friends, make them look like responsible people, people u think ur mom would let u go to shopping with by urself. R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y! repeat! R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y! yep. ur mom want to see this, and so does every mom on the planet. believe me. I may be 11, but I am so mature, b/c I proved 2 mmy mom that I am.. what? R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-L-E. Wish u good luck!!!!
Answered May 02, 2013
Ok no offence but that is ridiculous! I'm 11, 12 in like just under 2 weeks and on Saturday i'm going out shopping for b-day presents on my own with friends. Now my mum is protective she only started lettin me go out when I was 10 and now on Saturday its my first time goin all that way!

Why don't you just tell her that you will be fine you have to show her that you are mature and responsible for you age :) ;) You need to find a way to show her but the only problem is how? I could help you with that question but I just need to kno is are u allowed to ur nearest shop at least?
Answered May 02, 2013
Nope, not even allowed to go to the nearest shop by myself..
Louis May 03, 2013
omfg same thing happening to me. it's with my dad though, he won't let me leave the fucking house even if I want to walk down the fucking street. so pissed! I'M FUCKING 13 AS WELL!
Answered Jul 05, 2013
Edited Jul 05, 2013
Maybe your dad's waiting for you to learn that "fucking" is not an adjective. :-)
Rob Sep 02, 2013
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