Why do I look like another person in pictureS?

So I've been wondering for a while.
In real life, I'm not pretty at all, and I don't mind..
The problem is that in self taken pictures I look very pretty, and I've been told that I look different in real life than in pictures.
(As in suggesting that I don't look as 'pretty' in real life)
Why is that? I'm seriously tired of looking like atotally different person in pictures, because they make me feel pretty when in reality.. I'm not. :s
Asked Apr 28, 2013
I'm always surprised to see myself in photos. I seem to look better than I think I do. Plus, in photos there may be better light, and clothes and makeup could be a factor.

The issue for me -- and probably you -- is self-perception. The mental picture you have in your mind may be harsher than reality.

Try being nicer to yourself, and judge yourself less.
Answered Apr 28, 2013
You're right, it's all perception. I always look better in photos taken from a distance. :-)
Rob Apr 28, 2013
Somtimes I look way better in the background :P

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