What is your attitude towards tattoos?

Do you have any tattoos? If yes, do they mean anything to you or is it just an art form/ mainstream etc.?

If possible please specify your age.
Asked Apr 28, 2013
Personally, I don't have any opinions about tattoos.

As an employer, I don't think they should be visible while you're working. I consider them to be unprofessional when visible while working (i.e. representing your employer, not representing just yourself)... but I'm actually not sure why I think that way. Most employers feel this way, especially in professions that don't involve French fries. They would need to be covered with clothing or camouflage makeup at all times during work. That's something to think about if your considering where to put it.
Answered Apr 28, 2013
If its a small embellishment that means something, then I think they are awesome. But if you are like those people who have a bunch of random tattoos all over you, I hate them.
Answered Apr 28, 2013

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