Why do girls give so many f*cks about Justin Bieber lol Beaver

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Anonymous User
Asked Apr 26, 2013
Its just a phase :D in a couple of years noone will know who he is ( and all the people who put his name on tattoe will reget ot)
Answered Apr 26, 2013
Young and naive. To them he is there dream of a perfect man. As girls they think of what kind of guy they like and for them he fits the bill. Why? The world may never know Lol. It is the way he is portrayed to his younger audience as this teenage heartthrob. He seems to have all the perfect qualities to fulfill their adolescence crush. Every generation has had that one guy in the media that makes all the girls go crazy for him. Sadly, Justin Beiber is this generations teen obsession. But like stated above it won't last he will grow up and so will his fans and soon enough someone younger will be appealing to the next bunch of kids. :)
Answered May 13, 2014

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