The correct translation for life sucks in italian?

I would like to know the translation for the saying life sucks. Not the life, or this life or anything other than, 'life sucks'
I have been given 2 different translations and I would like to get it as a tattoo, but need it to be correct.
I know many will disagree, but being almost 40 now and having had a pretty sucky life, I feel it will be an expression for myself, it will be my 6th tattoo and all are easily hidden, so no problems for when I'm wrinkly either! My tattoos are all there for a reason and this one will be too.
But it needs to be correct, can someone please help me with the correct translation
Thank you in advance
Asked Apr 24, 2013
Edited Apr 24, 2013
Slang expressions like, "sucks" don't always mean the same in different languages so you are wise to check it out first. I once ordered a "perro caliente" (hot dog) in a South American restaurant only to learn they called them "hot dogs" also and used "perro caliente" to describe a dog in heat. The people in that little restaurant are probably still laughing. :-)

You can go to Google Translate, type words in English and translate them to Italian. That might be a good way to avoid the slang.
Answered Apr 24, 2013

Yeah I have done that and come back with vita fa schifo, then was given la vita fa schifo, although a few years ago I for from a web page la vita succhia, which I've now been told is too literal and sounds ridiculous. So before I get anything done, I wanted to know for sure :-/ obviously I want it to read properly, even if not many people will be able to read it as I live in England
Thank you for your comment!
Lilmeuk Apr 25, 2013

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