What do I do , my friend hates me for no reason?

this 'friend' suddenly started spreading rumors about me and started hating for NO REASON...and she keeps telling people that im bad when I didn't do anything...please help me...im feeling very depressed
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Apr 24, 2013
Just ignore her?? I know why ur feeling depressed but make sure nothing bad happens. (like really bad happens) I'll come back if I have any others ideas! :)
Answered Apr 24, 2013
This has more to do with your friend than you. For some reason that you may never know, she has decided to lash out at you. Usually, people denigrate others to make themselves feel better. No "friend" would treat you this way.

Try not to let her immaturity get you down. :-) Do your best to keep yourself busy with activities and people you enjoy.
Answered Apr 24, 2013

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