Operating system


____ 1. Most computers store text using EBCDIC codes.

____ 2. One of the most effective utilities for auditing system performance is the top command.

____ 3. The top utility continues to produce output until you press x to terminate the execution of the program.

____ 4. Unlike top, the free utility runs and then automatically exits.

____ 5. When you use restore, by default it copies back to your current working directory.

____ 6. An IP address uses a dotted decimal notation that consists of 16-bit binary numbers (octets) separated by periods used to identify a computer or network device and the network it is on.

____ 7. In an X Window System, the desktop enables you to create and place icons in your screen’s workspace from which to start programs or windows.

____ 8. Konsole is similar to the Panel in GNOME and the Taskbar in Microsoft Windows.

____ 9. OpenOffice.org is not available for Windows systems.

____ 10. You can transport files between OpenOffice.org and Microsoft Office programs by saving the files with the appropriate extensions.

____ 11. Base is an OpenOffice.org tool for creating and maintaining databases so that you can generate tables, indexes, and queries and reports, and perform other functions typically available in robust database software.

- 12. For IIS, HTML documents are typically stored in \IIS\wwwroot.

____ 13. When the browser retrieves the Web page from the Web server, it first reads the header, which contains information about the page.

____ 14. Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 supports encrypted communication.

____ 15. The command to restart Apache is: apachectl restart.

____ 16. The Apache configuration file must be edited with a text editor. There are no GUI interfaces available.

____ 17. If you create a virtual site at port 8000, you would you refer to it as http://localhost.8000.

____ 18. You can have more than one IP address associated with a single computer.

____ 19. You can associate multiple Web sites to unique IP addresses on the same computer.

____ 20. When you create Web sites based on host names, you need a unique IP address for each name.

____ 21. When configuring a new Web site in Apache, you can specify most of the configuration options that exist for the default server.

____ 22. The location of the Apache configuration file is /etc/httpd/conf.

____ 23. A hidden directory is a Web directory that is not physically located beneath the Web root.

____ 24. In Linux, to associate a virtual directory called test with the directory /var/test, the first word in the statement would be Virtual.
____ 25. Web servers typically listen at port 80.
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