Am I his friend with benefit or could there be more?

I've met this guy last year and we became friends with benefit and used to see each other regularly, I had never been to his house yet he came to mine a lot, this had been happening for month, and at time we'll get closer than he'll pull away suddenly.
he told me from day one he was single but that he also didn't want a relationship, I was single to and at the time it felt like a good idea.

A while back he finally invited me at his and I spent the night and the whole day the following day, since we've become very close and lately his opened up about his past relationships and life and told me he used to live with his ex before they broke up therefore do not want something now.

Recently he asked me to come stay at mine as his ex family was staying at him and his ex was gonna be there and he didn't want to see her, while he stayed he told me how she's been asking him about his private life and he has enough and more than ever do not want a relationship. What surprised me even more is that he stayed nearly a week and yet we did not sleep together once.

I'm kind of confused because I don't know if his using me for the favors I do for him sometimes, or whether his started to actually develop feeling or that his just a player, I'm really confused and want to get him out of my life but don't know how,
I feel like his giving me mixed signals and playing mind games.
How do I find out ??
Asked Apr 22, 2013
First thing, figure out what you want.

If you want to get him out of your life, tell him this isn't working for you and stop communicating with him.

If you want to figure out how he feels, and what he thinks about your interactions and status of your relationship, then communicate with him.
Answered Apr 22, 2013

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