Why do I just hate school, it makes me just cry- what do I do

Okay so dont laugh but I do like school I guess, I have friends, I dont exacly get bullied. A group of boys, they are close friends I guess, just take the mik out of me almost constantly. Now you going to say that there 'not friends then' but they do it as a joke. Most the time I laugh it of, but when I get home the what theyve said like ' your foreheads massive' 'midget' 'slag' come into my head and tbh I just feel like a piece of crap and just cry. From now on ive decied just to be quiet, and maybe theyll realise that it actually effects me. But as soon as I do this they go on about how im being so 'stressy and moody' then its like well how do I react to make them stop. I do like them, but what they say is true and it just gets on my nerves when they do it loads and I just get bored of it now. What should I do? Thanks it just makes me feel like nothing..
Asked Apr 17, 2013
those are not friends,find people who like you, and school always sucks
Answered Apr 17, 2013
Yea friends are people who know how you feel
i'd do it back to them as a joke of course but if you really get upset when they do it to you then just tell them to stop if they don't stop that means they are bullying you.
Answered Apr 18, 2013

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