How to hack facebook account

i found an account creating problem to me and my friends,i want to hack that account plz help me I pomise I will not use that for some illlegal work
Asked Apr 16, 2013
I strongly recommend the expertise of Kelvin ( for all your hacking issues, you think your spouse is cheating or keeping a secret from you? You need to track your spouse or colleague social account, school files, examination records, he will help without any trace (
Zaheer1 Jul 25, 2017
hacking is illegal put if its youre account do friends guess option
Answered Apr 17, 2013
scammers that claim they are hackers have flooded this comment box up.
Hackers who scam are really a great concern to us who need their services cause all we just ask ourselves is that can I really get a real hacker without being scammed yeah but it takes a lot of commitments I went to a site it's called quora though it's a popular site where you ask and answer questions and I saw an answer under where can I hire a hacker written by a guy named ron bilder his answer really got to me that I contacted him not knowing he too was a hacker so he gave me his mail address which is Cheers
Answered Jul 10, 2017
PLEASE DO NOT.. believe what doesnt seems right in your thought until you run some checking on them.Do you need hackers for hire? Do you need to keep an eye on your spouse by gaining access to their emails,private facebook,whatsapp,skype n many more account? and others to make sure they're not getting into trouble? University grades changing Bank accounts hack Twitters hack email accounts hack Grade Changes hack Website crashed hack server crashed hack Retrieval of lost file/documents Erase criminal records hack Databases hack Sales of Dumps cards of all kinds Untraceable Ip Individual computers hack Websites hack Facebook hack Control devices remotely hack Burner Numbers hack Verified Pay pal Accounts hack Any social media account hack Android & iPhone Hack Word Press Blogs ( )We're a group of professional hackers with 25 Years+ experience.
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Answered Jul 11, 2017

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Answered Sep 02, 2017
No one deserves to be cheated on, especially when your full loyalty lies with the betrayer of your trust. Initially, I thought I was just feeling insecure when my husband would just be on his phone at odd hours, until I decided to take a chance to know, knowing is better than self doubts and it was exactly what happened when I employed the services of this particular group I came across by chance to help check his phone out intoto. Their services includes: phone calls, messages, contacts, social media(viber, whatsapp,facebook,kik e.t.c), emails, any kind of manipulations ,Geo location tracking, all other hacking and web hacking issues.
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Answered Sep 18, 2017
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Answered Jan 02, 2018
TheTruth EAGLEEYE Gives You Total Control Of
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Answered Jan 14, 2018
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Answered Jan 23, 2018
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Answered Jan 24, 2018
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Answered Mar 04, 2018
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Answered Mar 05, 2018

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Answered Mar 25, 2018
If you think your spouse may be cheating, you can contact PHONESPYAPPS1@GMAIL.COM
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Answered Jul 05, 2018
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Answered Jul 18, 2018
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Answered Aug 25, 2018

Hello guys I have worked with and he brought to me a clean and smooth job well done. I used his services to catch my cheating wife and today I have proof. in case you all are also interested in hos services tell him Kenneth Houston referred you.

Hello guys I have worked with and he brought to me a clean and smooth job well done. I used his services to catch my cheating wife and today I have proof. in case you all are also interested in hos services tell him Kenneth Houston referred you.
Answered Oct 28, 2018

Hello guys I have worked with and he brought to me a clean and smooth job well done. I used his services to catch my cheating wife and today I have proof. in case you all are also interested in hos services tell him Kenneth Houston referred you.
I got email from an internet site. My husband has been using escorts, online hook-up sites, and having “flings”. We are currently trying to work on our marriage but don’t believe him. He travels to Denver once a month where his past indiscretions happen. and after contacting I knew that when ever my husband Travels he goes to meet a woman who has a daughter for him, that means he lied to me about loving me well I got full access to his phone with the help of this hacker that was how I got to find out all. A very big Thank you to this hacker
I got email from an internet site. My husband has been using escorts, online hook-up sites, and having “flings”. We are currently trying to work on our marriage but don’t believe him. He travels to Denver once a month where his past indiscretions happen. and after contacting I knew that when ever my husband Travels he goes to meet a woman who has a daughter for him, that means he lied to me about loving me well I got full access to his phone with the help of this hacker that was how I got to find out all. A very big Thank you to this hacker
Answered Oct 29, 2018
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Answered Dec 08, 2018
you need a hacker
Answered Dec 08, 2018

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Answered Dec 12, 2018
Lately I have not been my self. Am a lawyer and I work in the court but a case came in that I was to travel out of the state just to treat the case that came up. but while I was out of the state I was not rest assured on what my husband will be doing while am out cause I caught him once cheating on me. I tried all ways to find out if he was cheating though it got to a time he was not always picking his calls fast like before so a friend of mine who felt pity on me and said it would be better if I contact for help in tracking his phone and getting into his phone with out him knowing, after 24 hours I got results coming on my phone I read all my husband Whats app messages and also deleted text messages but I was down when I saw that my best friend went at my back F**king my husband without fear at my back.
Answered Dec 16, 2018
My Candid Advice,
If any social media account needs to be hacked, verify the mail linked to the account, if it is a gmail (Google mail) fortunately for you, you are good to go.
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Answered Dec 17, 2018
Edited Dec 17, 2018

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Answered Dec 21, 2018

I have worked for my boss for a very long time now after serving him instead of settling me he started dating my wife with out my notice and even my wife has refused telling me, not on till I started seeing some small small signs that shows she has been cheating on me and also her phones are always locked and I could not also break into the phone I was feed up and didn't know how else to get into her phone or catch her red handed then I went in search of hackers for help, I found who was of a great help to me by hacking into my wife phone and I was able to access her phone with out touching her phone that was how I found out that my boss was having a strong affair with my wife. with this proof am going for a divorce. Thanks to with you I am covered
Answered Dec 22, 2018
Cool and fast hacker still exist well my wife left me for over 3 months now and I don't know her where about she abandoned me and the kids but I still have to take care of my children at the same time trying to find out what my wife has been up to. after all research's have been through I found a hacker called JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM I saw so many good things about this hacker and also people say he is real and very reliable so I contacted this hacker and told him how I wanna hack my wife phone and locations also it was not up to 20 hours this hacker feed me with results of my wife whats app, Face book, text messages, and many more I got to know that my wife has been in a mans house for over 3 months now without calling or telling our children her where about I also got pictures of my wife and the man she went to see for proof. Am so happy I met this hacker he is truly what people say he is. Thanks
Answered Dec 28, 2018

My very close friend choose to stab me at the back by cheating with my husband right at my back cause I notice my husband receives strange calls and when ever that call comes in he will leave my present just to pick the calls this has been going on for 6 months but with the help of JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM I was able to hack my husband phone, while going through his phone I saw there chats and also pictures she sent to my husband. Just want to say thank you to this hacker (JEAJAMHACKER@GMAIL.COM) for opening my eyes to see what the person I call my best friend has been doing at my back with my husband.
Answered Jan 04, 2019
Before I met my wife she told me about the man she wanted to get married to but due to she wanted to finish school before getting married the man could not wait then I married my wife 3 months after our marriage I saw my wife in a restaurant with that man she wanted to get married to the other time I didn't say anything I kept it to my self but as time went on her attitude kept on changing I was not comfortable any more I tried spying on her phone but her phone has a code I could not break into it, so I heard a lot about how he helped people in hacking phones so I contacted him after 24 hours I got access to my wife phone on my own phone I followed up her chats and I found out that her ex was still sleeping with my wife right at my back. Well so painful but I want to say a big thank you to BLackhatthacker for his help, he is cheap and reliable tell him John Coplin referred you
Answered Jan 05, 2019
If you know you are among the military force and also married and based in the camp also I will advise you get a reliable hacker like to know what your wife has been up to when you are at camp, Cause I just caught my spouse also in that same act through the help of I was able to spy at my wife phone right here in the camp I got all her information's and applications she uses on her phone right in my own phone I saw some funny things that I saw on her , well my wife has been cheating on me with another guy cause I spend months in the camp then she took advantage of me not knowing I had a very strong hacker that could trace what ever she does well am grateful to you jeajamhacker.
Answered Jan 07, 2019

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