Have I lost my passion or drive for writing?

Ok, I love writing it makes me happy, I want to do it, in fact I go crazy if I don't. So I got a new job which gives me afternoons free. Free to write! But its been three months now and I'm lucky if I've written five pages in that whole time. I find other things to do so I'm not writing. But the moment I'm out anywhere seeing people, doing something, all I can think of is writing and what I want to do when I get home....I get home and I do something else...have I lost my passion for writing?
Asked Apr 15, 2013
I could be a phase. Years ago, I wrote a book with a group. We went through a period of 6-8 weeks or more where we accomplished *nothing* because we were so fried and uninspired. We rested, relaxed our minds, and were eventually able to do what we needed to do. Maybe you need a rest....
Answered Apr 17, 2013
you just need inspiration,writings a talent,but needs something to start you writing,im a poet and my inspiration are people,write about something you enjoy instead if focusing on enjoying writing
Answered Apr 17, 2013

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