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At my school in April, we have to run a mile, which is two laps around the school building. I'm already worried I won't be able to pass the test as it's timed, but on top of that, this is the week my period is supposed to start. I expected and hoped it would start today, 28 days since the beginning of my last period, but it hasn't.

Why am I so worried? Gym is on Tuesdays and Thursdays and chances are, this is the week we will be doing the mile run. My periods tend to start out pretty heavy and get lighter by the last day. The first day has a medium flow and then the second day is usually the heaviest. That means if I start my period tomorrow, Monday, the second day will take place on a day I have to go to gym.

What I'm really worried about is that I'll leak. By leak, I mean that the blood will, well, leak through my gym shorts and people will see. It's kind of unlikely that will happen, but it leaks out a lot when I'm at home, especially when I'm asleep.

What can I do to prevent it from leaking and calm myself down? Thanks...
Asked Apr 14, 2013
Put on a maxi pad instead of a regular, cause maxis are more absorbent. Or make sure u wear a tampon, cause tampons don't show cause they go up your vagina
Answered Apr 15, 2013

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