Should I give my boyfriend a suck?

im 15, hes 16. weve been together for about a month:) we really like eachother I wouldnt say love but yeah like. its his birthday soon and I thought that would be a good present? boys, would you like this if you were him? we were eachothers first kiss so we both havent done anyhting like this, the suck may lead to more if he wants. would this be a good gift?
Asked Apr 13, 2013
Sure....give him a blow job and make sure you swallow!!!
Ewww brain779 wats wrong with you she said we LIKE each other dude blowjobs and stuff are for people who LOVE each other there not b-day presents!
Ew.. Agreed with Ruby_sapphire \=
sorry, but that whole paragraph you have typed there is completely nonsensical. If you're not even in love with someone, why would you want to get so physically involved and committed to them. Because its their birthday? That's crazy. Being that intimate (oral sex and implied vaginal intercourse) with someone should involve a deep emotional connection first, and a month is definitely not enough time to be sure that type of connection is there. Right now you're hormones are flying everywhere cause the relationship is new and it's obviously clouding your judgement on how to progress in a healthy, steady relationship.

You need to slow down and think. Sometimes at such a young age this can actually RUIN the whole relationship. And also consider things like, what if you break up? Do you go to the same school? Hang around with the same people? Do you wanna walk past the guy you sucked off for a birthday present everyday and live with that in the back of your head? it'd be hard.

Also some big ones are, what if you get pregnant? What if he has an STD you're unaware of? You've only been together a month; how do you know he hasn't been with a girl and doesn't feel comfortable telling you yet because the relationship is new? Sexual interaction is NOT meant as a "present" or something done out of "really liking each other" and when its done under such pretenses, it can have disastrous outcomes.
Answered Apr 14, 2013
You insistmischef are a genius! I couldn't have said it better :)
Why thank you (:
No . bad idea if you don't love eachother because he'll want more after that and you don't want to be pregnant at 15.
Answered Apr 13, 2013
If you feel you are ready.. sure. Just make sure he is using an antibacterial penis health creme though because he can easily transfer bacteria to you during this sex act. This can lead to all sorts of problems. I use one of these cremes and it makes my girlfriend feel a lot better about things. Hope this helps.
Answered Jan 09, 2017

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