My erection is 2.5 inches long is there anything I can do with it?

my penis starts out 1.5 inches
is there something wrong with me
i am 28 years old
Asked Apr 12, 2013
I have none thing to say to that,but,I'm 14 years old and means is 7.5 or 7.8 inches long!!!
Dude I wouldn't worry about your size as it's not that important. Make sure you're getting yourself hydrated down there by using a penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil- I've used it for years and found it online. Good luck my dude.
there is nothing wrong with you. you just have a small penis but thats nothing to be worried about. a small penis can work just as well as a large penis.
Answered Apr 15, 2013
Well nothing is wrong with you. It depends on the person.. there really is no NORMAL sized penis.. I mean if you want it to be larger than there are many options.
Answered Jun 06, 2013
Use a penis pump. These really work. The only downside is that they can really irritate the penis skin so make sure you are using a penis health creme. These are made to moisturize and protect the penis skin from soreness, chafing and other irritations that can be caused by a pump like this. Good luck to you!
Answered Nov 28, 2016
Edited Nov 28, 2016
For those suffering from issues after stopping smoking... it's probably because your penis isn't used to the normal blood flow that's going to your penis! Your body is recovering from having those toxic chemicals in your system. Happy to hear you've quit smoking! I would start using a penis health creme too, to make sure that you're getting all the benefits of a nutrient-laden moisturizing lotion.
Answered Nov 27, 2019

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