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Imagine the Scene: A twenty year old kid who has been in a car accident after getting into a high speed chase with the police. The vechical has gone over a steep hill and crashed into the trunk of a tree ejecting the boy through the windshield. Although he is badly injured,(with fractured ribs, drifting in/out of shock, has potencial internal bleeding, has penitrated his right lung, broken his thy bone, etc.) he refuses medical assistance when the police and emergency response crew show up because he doesn't think he can afford to cover the hospital bill and believes the whole hospital system is a scam.

My question is, can the doctors legally help him, or since he has denied them do they have no authority to help him. Also when dealing with a difficult patient like this would they have to sedate/restrain him, or how exactly would they get him to the hospital?

Once at the hospital, in what ways would the hospital staff deal with someone who wants to be independant and able to do things on their own but can't especially when they can't walk on their own and can only eat things like soft foods. And how would the medical staff deal with a patient who is having stress related symptoms from being in the hospital such as having frequent nightmares etc. Also if the individual has no immedient family to look after him and help him fully recover after leaving the hospital, would the hospital assign/find someone like a hospital volunteer to help look after him at his home or how exactly would they do that? Especially if he were to refuse to give them any personal information like his address.

Finally since he has gotten in trouble with the law, after he started to get better (not fully recovered but better) would the hospital hold him under their care and then transport him to jail or how would he serve jailtime if he has been injured and needs time to recooperate?

Thanks everyone! I know these are a lot of strange questions but they are things I have been wondering about for a while now and would really appreciate any feedback that is as close to what would happen in real life.
Asked Apr 05, 2013
First things first, you need to learn a word. Its TRAUMA. Several factors make this accident a trauma or Traumatic accident.
1st. speed.
3rd. impact.
4th. ejection.
If your wondering about 1-3 please reference the laws of inertia.
This being your mechanism of injury, and paired with your injuries, you were deemed mentally incompetent. No this does not mean you are stupid. It means that you were unable to make your own medical decisions due to extensive injury. This was most likely established by your own admission of drifting "in and out of" what I can only assume is consciousness. You can not drift in and out of shock. (Shock is caused by hypovolumia, or low levels of blood in the body. Shock is a life-threatening medical condition as a result of insufficient blood flow throughout the body.)
Since there was an inability to consent or deny treatment it falls under something called, "assumed or implied consent". It simply means that under most situations an individual of sound mind would request care to prolong life. As for the care. Well it comes down to the ABCs of life. Airway, Breathing, and circulation. Once all of these are assess and stabilized we move onto the next life threatening treatment.

If someone was being pursued by law enforcement, they will accompany the patient to the hospital and remain there for the duration of the patients stay at all times. Once a patient is able to move and thrive under their own will they are generally released to a rehabilitational facility or to a residence with plans to follow up at a rehab facility. However if they are in custody they will be released to the county, state, or federal enforcement that was pursuing them.

As for the financing for this hypothetical situation, don't do dumb stuff and you wont have big bills. Police, Fire and EMS do not care what is in your wallet. We do our jobs because we enjoy helping people. Your money is your problem, not ours. Additionally, we are more concerned about the other people who may have been injured by the speeding individuals during the pursuit or hurt during the problem that escalated to the chase. There are programs called Charity Care that will help those who can not afford care, but my feeling is this should be for those who are hurt by accident, and not those who do things out of stupidity!

Before you ask, yes this is real. Ive worked as a fire fighter/emt for many years. I have extensive medical training and have spent many hours dealing with things like this both in and out of the hospital setting.
Answered Jul 20, 2013
Great answer
Rob Jul 21, 2013
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Answered Nov 20, 2017
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