Can a girl and a girl lose their virginity to one another?

Me and my brother keep arguing about this. He says that for a girl to actually lose her her vagina needs to be stretched. I say that has long has it has been penetrated the girl lose her virginity. Who's right me or him?
Asked Apr 04, 2013
Answered Apr 05, 2013
Thanks :) and the website helped a lot
Yes, a girl can lose her virginity to another girl, I saw this up close, a little sister and a big Sister both had love for each other. So the big Sister lost her virginity to her little sister before she died in 2005. since the little sister loved her big sister so much, she took her big sisters virginity before she died. the big sister was 15 when she died, while her little sister was only 12, and both of them fell in love with each other at a early age, the big sister was 7 and the little sister was 4. I dared them both to go Nose to Nose. so the big sister took her entire big Nose and went big Nose to small Nose and they kissed each other. the little sister immediately fell in love with her big Sister. and somewhere along the line, they both had sex on multiple occasions, even bathed together as Big Sister/Little Sister and they both fell in love with each other, how do I know this, because I was their 3rd lover, and the three of us had a three way sex party. In which I made out with both of them in bed. it’s all true, I’m not lying about it.
Answered Nov 08, 2021

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