Should I send this picture?

Should I send my boyfriend this picture? I don't like there being secrets between us but idk if this will worry him more than turn him on. It's a self-taken picture of me in underwear of his favourite colour that I no longer own, flipping off at the camera. I took it when someone was anonymously cyberbullying me about being 'anorexic', to show them that I wasn't that skinny and that they couldn't make me lose my confidence. I put it online for a day. I look pretty awesome in the picture and I feel like I want him to see it, it feels wrong to keep it from him when I've showed some randomer. But, while he knows I was a bit crazy when I was younger, I think maybe particular details may hurt him - such as knowing someone else has seen it, and how I was bullied.
Asked Apr 02, 2013
i don't think this is a secret. it was something you did that wasn't the best idea, and I think it's ok for you to keep this to yourself. delete the photo. don't send it. pics like this can really come back to haunt you...
Answered Apr 02, 2013

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