How you utilize 490 gb hard disk space if you use only 10 gb in 500gb hard disk?

Asked Apr 01, 2013
That is a very good Question. I have a 3 Terabyte drive which is 3000GB and I am not even using 1 Terabyte.

Most people who use all 500GB of hard drive space store lots of multimedia such as movies, music and games.
An average blue-ray movie can be around 16GB. Regular movies uncompressed are around 4.7GB.
And a game can be anywhere from 2GB+ depending on what type of game it is.

If you are finding you have excess storage and bandwidth and don't use it you can volunteer some of your storage and bandwidth to share storage space with other people in the world:

Or you can download steam and find a good deal on a computer game that you might enjoy! They are very cheap if you download them digitally!

If you do get into game, or maybe already are into gaming, you can check out a program like fraps to record your gameplay and upload it to youtube!
Fraps will spit out raw files that are not compressed and can sometimes be 100GB! They get huge fast!

Other than that, you can make backups of CD's and DVD's you own, as well as family pictures and videos. Those will collectively take up space the more pictures you take!

Answered Apr 01, 2013
Edited Apr 01, 2013

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