How can I convince my sister to have sex with me

She is 19 and I am 15. She comes home every now and then from college. We fight sometimes but at the same time get along. She seems like the type that if I ask or try she will tell. Please answer me and I know it can be incest
Asked Mar 31, 2013
okay my friend show her pictures sex and your dick you can
Dude its normal. You fell in love how is that not normal? Don't license to the fagots who say your sick. Hell this even happened to me!!
Holy shit I came back to this a year after I left my first comment and I realized that when I said "hell this even happened to me!" I sounded like a perfect little flower that nothing bad happens to, but that's not true. But that's not the reason I came back, I'm still pissed off at the people who are calling you "sick" or "perveted." this time I'm making a diffrent point. The reason we act like this is because our hormones tell us to feel like that. When we see something atractive our body's tell us to react! That's basic biology! And this goes for both men and women. So what I'm trying to say is that it's natural it's common to feel this way, so to everyone of e people who read this comment and completely disagree, then you can go fuck yourself.

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u nasty little mother fucking perv leave your sister alone u nasty ass mother fucker!!
Answered Jul 05, 2013
Ok I see what happens here.
Many girls wrote there "Gross"... God don't want this....
So for the 1st: If it is true, why this happen... Because it has to be!
Community learned you to say "It is my sister!"
But in your brain it notice that she is hot.
Well look on some Real erotic incest stories, well it happens if she really like you are she is horny.
Look on internet and do not ask because community don't like this.
It is for them like: How to kill president....
And you others: Deal with it.
Answered Dec 19, 2013
Deal with it? I'm sorry but sometimes human stupidity cannot simply be "dealed" with.
u r right but by definition it's still immoral
sponery Dec 20, 2013
are you autistic it isn't dealed its delt
moomant Feb 08, 2014
Ok. you are weird af.
Answered Mar 31, 2013
Why your sister? Why not another girl? Can you not get a girlfriend?
Answered Apr 01, 2013
Answered Apr 07, 2013
Your sister oh common !!! This is the 4 awkward question I've answered now . Go get a girlfriend then your have sex with her when ever you want and leave your older sister alone , I mean you still 15 an she's 19 , and ever if your older then her she won't accept because she is a normal and a non sick person . And are you a boy or a girl WTF ???
Answered Apr 09, 2013
Why there are a lot of freas out here including you.
Answered Apr 09, 2013
Wow really? That is just weird.
Answered May 02, 2013
you both came out of your own mothers vagina, why on earth would you want to fuck your sister um ew?
Answered May 02, 2013
Edited May 02, 2013
You`d better not
Answered May 02, 2013
Er sick as ur tapped son
Answered May 26, 2013
→stay away from her
Answered May 28, 2013
This world needs to know pain
Answered May 29, 2013
You should ask her any way don't listen to these people I know you fill I want to fuck my sister
She has a huge ass, big fits , she is beautiful I was sitting her room talking to her then she over to her bathroom she got naked. she came over to me pull down my pants and she started giving me blowjob that when we started to want to sex together we dont know should because we dont want to get caught while having sex. Well don't think I m really incest I was adopted so can you help me. I'm 19 and she 21. She gives me blowjobs all the time and I eat her out all the time. My mom and dad anversery is next week so should we it then. Plz help us so we can fucking have sex.

Answered Jun 30, 2013
by definition this is wrong since wrong means immoral and moral is what a majority thinks is right the majority thinks that having butt-sex with your sister isn't cool so by definition it is immoral
sponery Dec 20, 2013
r u stupid people? I am completely adopted my sister-in-law is 19 and im 17 I want to have sex with her so FUCK OFF ˜¬′
Answered Oct 18, 2013
Well your stupid too.
still doesn't justify your cause
sponery Dec 20, 2013
she is your sister get a fuuuuuucking girfriend!!!!
Answered Oct 19, 2013
You're not weird. I'm 17 and my sister's 23. I went with her to fill up the care, ad on the ways home she pulled into an empty parking lot. I asked what es doing and he grabbed my crotch. She pulled down my pant and weave te best blowjob ever. Then she begged me to fuck her and I did. Now I have sex with all 3 of my sisters almost every night.
Answered Oct 27, 2013
really tell how can I fuck my sister .
gudguy Nov 13, 2013
Can u send me pictures to my email?
bigcock33 if u send me the pictures of your sex on my email then I will send my pictures
I'm 18 and my half sister is 14 and when we were younger we were in a bed together half naked and I really want to have sex with her but we didn't cause our step dad was in the other rooney now that I'm older I really what to have sex with her is there any way that I can convince her to have sex with me?
first of all you are 15 you can olny be l7 or older to have sex second of all she is your SISTER YOU MOTHER FUCKER
Answered Oct 30, 2013
I believe the term is sister f*cker, he's not looking to have sex with his mom. (at least, I'd hope not.) But you're on the right track.👍
Wow... I'm soooo sick. Every hour my c**k raises real bad............... What should I do?
Answered Nov 23, 2013
all of yall are digusting. think about god and what he has done for you. how can ou betray our father this way?! this honestly digust me.
Answered Nov 24, 2013
not all believe in god if he truly cared for me that he would of gotten me an air-soft gun 4 Christmas
sponery Dec 20, 2013
Ha... Sorry. I kinda had to laugh at sponery's response :3
Hell its a girl so you can do it and ask for forgiveness to god later
Answered Dec 04, 2013
Not the stupidest answer here.. but kay.
I'm fairly certain forgiveness is not to be asked for, but rather to be earned anyways, not just in the case of faith but in most all situations.
I've given up on this conversation fuck god do what you want I don't care
sponery Dec 20, 2013
U guys r disgusting. How can u even think like that. Gross
Answered Dec 05, 2013
Wow sometimes my sister sleeps on the couch I wonder if I should do it then
Answered Dec 14, 2013
without her knowing? wouldent that be considered rape?
..what..the..FUCK!! that is disgusting…she is your sister if you ask she will probably hit you with a frying pan..or worse...castrate you..
Answered Dec 19, 2013
The frying pan might knock some sense into him though.
Dude piss off. Some times I wouldn't mind a go at my sis ethier
daman29 May 01, 2014
Who doesn't
My sister Amanda is 23 and I'm 17 we have sex all the time she is even pregnant right now I support these guys
absolutely NONE of these are consoling. I say Try to get a Girlfriend. Keep trying till there is no hope, then. There will be hope, but if you can't, don't use your sister. find a slut and shag her. she wouldent mind as much I.M.O
Answered Dec 20, 2013
Ohhh guys I got the same fuckin proplem man my sister is 20 and I'm 15 she's so sexy I remeber this onetime I made a video of her naked and she found the video then she asked me why I did that and I was lyk its mistake I wasn't tryin to ohhh sorry...and she said if you don't want me to tell do all my chores and I won't tell mom
Answered Feb 27, 2014
One my sister came home from school and I've always loved her big tits,nice ass and great legs anyways I was in my room having a wank and she walked straight through my door and said let's have sex before mum and dad get home she was the best SEX I've ever had so we have sex every morning and every second night she knows what to and she 15 and am 17 I think me and my sister are going to try for a kid
Answered Feb 28, 2014
One you are a fucking stupid ass bitch. Two da fuck. Three the child would be mental like your ass!
ANY tips for me?
While u bathing ask her a towel thn u
show your d*ck to her.after that tell her
dont say this to anyone....and start
asking her about sex erection for
girls....again show ur erected d*ck to
her.....thn ask her to show her parts and so
Answered Mar 31, 2014
For one thing you can find anyone attractive even your sister for example most animals mate with their siblings or mother that's why when you dog has pups you shouldn't keep a male because they will inbreed.
Secondly: Why are people commenting on this or even find this post in the first place if they think its sick. You guys obviously didn't go on google and say okay what will I find today to give out about "oh how about this how to convince my sister to have sex with me" Just cop on people its natural to be attracted to a sibling because we still have our same instincts from when we were apes
And those who believe in God its just like believing in Santa Claus because when your young you think oh this fat man gives me presents yay and when your older you find out is your parents and your grateful but with God he does nothing for you and yet people believe but God does nothing for you and yet you can still live your life just grand without him more and more people are becoming atheists because they are getting smarter God is only a make believe I hope you guys/girls learn for once because Darweins evolution theory is more believable than the Bible because I could write a story about my life except add a few things like "Miracles" and then in a 1000 years people will worship me and you guys are thinking now no you couldn't but the bible is probably only 200 years old and was someone trying to get famous and rich.
Answered Apr 23, 2014
Im not going to get mad but when you die you will stand on a hill and look around and weep at the sight of it it will be hell then you will see God on another hill and in between the two hills there is a valey and you want to make it across but you cant because God has already left and turned away from you
Is anyone else reminded of Clary and Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments? Anyone? Anyone? Okay. YOUR SISTER DOESN'T WANT YOU, FREAK!
Answered Apr 23, 2014

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