How to tell my parents am les advice from people whos been thru this please

their both hate les/bi/gay and are very against it and think its wrong.ive joked about it wth mum n she said she wld disown me?
Asked Mar 31, 2013
Edited Apr 01, 2013
Your first step is to ask yourself why you would want to tell them if you already know what their reaction will be. I think it works much better if you let them figure it out for themselves. That will give them time to absorb the shock gradually. If a person has time to suspect something for a while, they deal with it much better when they finally learn their suspicions are in fact, true. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a lot of drama.
Answered Mar 31, 2013
i would like to tell the because we close and hate hiding who I really am from them and thanks for the advice
I understand and that is a valid motive. I'm just saying that when people have time to think about things they most often react more reasonably than when they have to deal with so many emotions in a few minutes.
Rob Mar 31, 2013
yeah thats true
i agree with rob in the point that it takes time.
I'm not bi/lesbian or gay. Tell your family that love shouldn't have a gender. If you love someone then its based on their personality. Just like you don't love people based on looks. I think its fine to be lesbian. Love is love and like is like there shouldn't be gender rules when it comes to that.
Answered Aug 17, 2013
This will probably sound stupid but whenever I tell my parents anything and I'm worried about what thy might say or do, I just text them. It makes it easier for me if I can't say it. And btw I am les, but I haven't told my parents yet. Waiting for the right time :P
Although I know they're fine with it, so everything should be fine.
Well, good luck, and I hope this helped :)
Answered Mar 22, 2014
well I didnt directly tell my "Rents" it went over well. if you tell your rents and give them time, to cool off and think the situation over, then it should be alright. good luck
Answered Mar 22, 2014

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