A girl tells her crush she likes him.?

He smiles, at first he does not respond, and he says he has a girlfriend. This boy, however, some days ago, said to this girl that she has got very beautiful eyes and then he said: Who has got so beautiful eyes as yours?Your mum or your dad? And also, this boy was trying to talk to this girl, although they are not friends...(one example: he asked one day:
Mary, will you come to the school excursion?
I don't think so...my best friend is not coming...so where to go alone?
But you won't be alone! I WOULD BE THERE!!!
So here is my question:Does he like her? If not, why he did all that? If yes, why he said he has a girlfriend? In both the situations, the girl what should do???
Please answer, it is very iportant!!!

Asked Mar 30, 2013
May be he is just flirting with her without having serious relation
Answered Mar 30, 2013
idk nice ?
Answered Sep 05, 2013
HA! 1. YOU are his 'girlfriend'!
2. He's just super shy.
Ask him if he can walk you home, (if it's dark)
Answered May 04, 2015

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