My hair keeps falling out, what should I do?

I'm only 19 years old and I'm experiencing hairloss I'm not sure why could it be the way I eat or even the shampoo I use? Anything in this regard is welcome and will be considered. Please help.
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Asked Mar 30, 2013
Look at other people in your family that are the same sex as you are. If there are some with similar hair loss, it is most likely in your DNA. If there are none, you might want to see a doctor.

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Answered Mar 30, 2013
Does your family have the history in Baldness? If so, that's a quite problem. Only Reloxe can help you out for that kind of hair problem because Reloxe is an all natural hair regrowth supplement that reverses the affects of stress, aging, and genetics and They are the best in natural hair growth/regrowth plus the product is more affordable.

Answered Apr 11, 2013
Edited Apr 11, 2013
Well opinion differs on the subject with the majority concurring that hair loss occurs through your lifetime. At times the intensity and extent differs on the individual basis as per one’s lifestyle, diet and other factors. The only choice we have is to eat healthy and get a bit of an exercise on a daily basis. Shampooing is good, but it is necessary to get a doctor’s advice once in a while.

The good doctor’s are providing facilities of online consultations or you can directly visit to their clinic too. One of the renowned experts in the Trichology field is Dr. Cole you can also contact them for proper guidance.
Answered Jun 14, 2013
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Answered Apr 07, 2015
I suggest you to use ervamatin hair oil....its really suprb...try it..for more details
Answered Apr 29, 2015
Daily 50-60 hair fall is normal , but if you notice that you having facing excessive hair fall from long and couldn't find any solution to stop. Only best experience doctor can help you with this. If your daily intake and care will not work then doctor will provide you medication treatment or PRP therapy to fulfil the deficiency.

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Answered Jan 19, 2017
The best option will be to visit a Trichologist or licensed practitioner. As mentioned by other users, if it is not hereditary, you can give it a go. Also, there are many natural remedies available like Aloe Vera which you can use. But it can take time or may not give you the desired result. Instead, I would suggest visit a this reference from which you can get more information:
Answered Oct 29, 2018

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