Im 12 yrs old and I wanted 2 now would it hert for the first time I have sex.

or I depends on how long the penis how long would it hurt durring it if it hurts
Asked Mar 29, 2013
It wudnt b good for u to have sex when ur not even fully developed, the chace of it hurting for. is greater cuz u aren't all the way developed, and also it has a whole other emotioal aspect tht u can't even imagine cuz ur twelve. and there wud b regrets tht u wud have to cope with so to avoid all the trouble, wait. n for real, we gettin tired of babies havin babies. u don't even fully kno what ur doin when ur twelve. n yes, size wud prolly effect the pain level. and depending on the circumstances it cud hurt for a longer or shorter period of time. but for real, u ain't even hit teen yrs yet so jus wait. ok?
Answered Apr 09, 2013
12 is way too young to be having sex, its not even legal to have it then. If a penis is too long then it would hurt the girl. But I would advise you to wait a few years till you're strong enough to have sex. And legal.
Answered Apr 09, 2013
No, it only really hurts the girl.
Answered Apr 10, 2013
Well since you can not even spell simple words, I'd say it doesnt matter until you know simple grammar.
Answered Mar 30, 2013
I cant even tell what you writing.
Answered Apr 09, 2013

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