Help! can I do it with him?!

Ok so I like my step brother and he likes me?? Can I have sex with him or maybe just kiss him?!?! We r NOT blood related at all!! He always touches my legs and rubs them and tries goin up some but I don't let him.. he also has tried to hump me!!! So can wedo it ?? Or just a kiss?? Remember no blood!! Our parents won't care especially his mom!!!!
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Asked Mar 28, 2013
There is no blood relation. Understood. Then why you used the word step brother.!?
this is wrong at all
Answered Mar 28, 2013
Edited Mar 28, 2013
It doesn't matter if you're related by blood. You're related by law. And siblings dating under the same roof is a disaster waiting to happen in so many ways. Think about it: Do you want to spend every Thanksgiving for the rest of your life sitting across the table from your ex and his girlfriend/fiance/wife? NO! You don't! So, it's a no go... and it's probably illegal... You guys need to cool off in neutral corners...
Answered Mar 28, 2013
get a boyfriend! not ur bro!!
Answered Mar 28, 2013
Just use a condom. And get him to use an antibacterial penis health creme as well.. this will protect you from a bacteria transfer during condom-less sex acts like oral etc. Sex is fun but you need to protect yourself from its pitfalls. Hope this info helps and good luck.
Answered Nov 28, 2017

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