How does a 10 year old girl have sex with her 8 yr old cuzin without getting caught

Me and my 8 yr old cuz have a really close(sexual) relationship and we want to have sex whenever we can but I have a cautious,protective, and kinda mean family. what should I do HELP!!! any similar problems and how did you fix them.
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Asked Mar 27, 2013
If your a girl don't let him put his penis up there or lick it just show and touch that's all. Good luck hope this answer helped you.
Lick it
ray123 Aug 15, 2013
Fuck you get older first.
sponery Oct 25, 2013
Fuck each other and film it
This is what u do find a room no one uses and fuck your brains out until u have multiple orgasms!!!!
Kids your age are often curious, that's natural... but what you're doing would better be left to the imagination. To be clear: STOP.

WAKE UP, HONEY: You're so not a virgin if you had anal sex. It's called anal *sex* not anal *rainbows* or something; it's sex. Sex. There are some very important health considerations with sex, especially anal sex, and you have no clue about them, nor should you at 10. You're messing with very delicate tissue, and if you don't know what you're doing (and you don't!) you put yourself at risk for bacterial infections (and STDs also) and physical damage. It's *very* easy to get a bacterial infection having anal sex... Try explaining an infection to your parents. See how mean they get then.

Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. :-)

Answered Mar 28, 2013
u may get aids and STD(sexual transmitted disease)
Answered Mar 28, 2013
im so sorry for wasting your time and I will stop thank u!
Umm I dont think u should have sex at the age of 10 and 8. Only when ur an Adult okay? So Dont have that yet...
Answered Mar 27, 2013
i dont really have sex with him but we test it out all we do is french kiss and he sticks his penis up my but never in my vigina and I teach his brothers and sisters qand yes if your wondering im still a virgin
Hi I do the same thing I French kiss and hold her vagina and put my penis in her but I'm 12 and she 8
Okay umm Youuu Neeed Toooo STOP. NOW.
LG2159 May 09, 2013
:L I dont want to live in this planet anymore
you r both still babies,if u were my kid i'd be bustting that ass if I even thought u were even thinking about sex at 10 or 11 years old!!
u need 2 have ur mind on school,not sex!
OMG..... You seriously would do this huh? Im 10 and instead of worrying about sex im studying hard and skipped over 5th grade to 6th. Im not gonna lie ive had girlfriends and kissed girls but ive never been dumb enough to want to try sex, and with your cousin thats just messed up. At my middle school they call girls like you sluts, whores and pornstarz. (To mension im 13 now) When I was ten I didnt know what sex is. Its hard growing up without trying new things but sex,drugs and acohol arent one. Stop growing up too fast and go play with barbies.
Answered Jun 22, 2013
Edited Jun 22, 2013
I 100 percent agree with the above comment focus on school work and the important things now and worry about sex later I'm 12 and just learned everything about sex a little while ago and tbh I've never even dated! Just forget about sex and really with your cousin!! You want to lose your virginity to your cousin that's just gross and strange!! Sorry to burst your bubble but your too young!! But if you are both really into it and both agree make sure u use protection and TELL YOUR PARENTS!!!!
Like its gross enough that u two are that close that u would want to do that and already kiss and play/touch each other
God what has this world gotten into!!!????
Dont Fuck Your Cousin Thats So Wrong On Many Levals If You End Up Pregaunt Your Baby's Face Will Be Pink And It Will Have Baboon Ass Im Serouis My Cousin Is A Fucking Creep What Your Doing Is A Big NO NO!!

Answered Oct 19, 2013
Don't forget the fact that the baby would have eleven toes!
Well you should wait and you and your cuz thats GROSS its okay to be curious about it but man thats like having sex with your self your self you should wait till your older and find a different man for you also you can get aids so just wait and I promise sex dose not work the way you think it dose
Answered Apr 13, 2013
that's incest! Aka: illegally having sex because its with a relative.
Answered Apr 15, 2013
what are you are way to young. hears a hint WAIT!!!!!!!!
Answered May 09, 2013
I can not believe what im hearing.. why are people encouraging them to do this. ???

Yeah of course they can do what they like.
But what you people that are encouraging them to do it if failing to realise is that they are not fully developed down there yet.

The only advise o can give is bw safe and use protection. No one is going to stop you from doing it. But be safe....! Hope this helped :) 
Answered May 10, 2013
thats true
just saying but having sex with your cuz is gross and wieard
Answered May 18, 2013
Okay. Well you're way too young for this stuff. It's also incest considering the fact that you're "french kissing" and you both want to have sex. Although nobody can stop you. If you're going to do it use a Condom (Safe Sex). There's all types of STIs ( Sexually Transmitted Infections ). If you do have sex with him, you must be prepared with the fact that you lost your virginity to your cousin, STIs and making sure that once you do this your cousin could spread it. BE CAREFULL!
Answered May 21, 2013
I agree, though the correct term would be STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) ;)
Your to young dont do it
Answered May 22, 2013
Just be good girl you could get babies if you let him put his thing in you
Answered Jun 03, 2013
Your cousins and ages 8 and 10-what is going through your head?Stop doing this and don't do anything sexual with him. This is wrong.
Answered Jun 22, 2013
Look you can do what you want to do. Don't let these people tell you that you're sick and stupid and that you don't know anything because you're not 100 years old. You can be an infant and still know a lot more information than anyone else. Like I was.
Anyway, if you want to, go ahead and do it the way you think will help you, just note that if you fail, you will fail miserably.
Answered Jul 07, 2013
Edited Jul 27, 2013
It's called u don't do it then u dont get caught!!!
Answered Jul 07, 2013
you're 10, he's 8, and you're cousins
you're kind of a paedophile, (kinda, since you're still a child) and thats incest.

go to school, get a degree, get a job, fall in love, get married, raise kids and die happy, isn't this a better perspective to life, I don't think even pornstars had sex at your age
Answered Aug 11, 2013
don't do it anymore
Answered Sep 06, 2013
That cookcook
Answered Sep 25, 2013
i know it might feel good but at your age I would not do that stuff and just like I dont know go to art camp [do you like art]
Answered Sep 25, 2013
Ok I know you wanna do that but you shouldn't I mean I'm 14 and a virgin I have a friend that's a 12th grader and she's pregnant and she scared to death if you want to do it wait till your at least 18-20 years old an hope that you stay with him/ her because you could get pregnant if your a girl and just because you want to doesn't mean you need to you wait to be honest sadly my friend Karrigan and my mom is the only people making it to where my bf and I won't do it cause my mom is always home we both wanna do it but he said it was up to me but I'm probably gonna wait I mean come on your not even put of elementary school yet I'm in highschool :/ sorry but you shouldn't do it I mean ou guys could kiss but nothing physical
Answered Oct 19, 2013
You can make out. but no sex. Your not even a teenager. Do that when can actually make kids
Answered Oct 25, 2013
U fuckin Thottie. Ur name shud b Thottianna.
Answered Oct 26, 2013
so wrong. don't flippin' do it. I bet you don't even know what sex is, sweetie.
Answered Mar 14, 2014
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha!!!!! this website is full of troll-feeders!!!!!
Answered Apr 23, 2014
there is no such thing as age.all you hear is too old or too young for this or that. its all a ficticious made up thing like time. instead of it can be pleasurable for both or even one self isn't it more damaging telling him or her that what so called sexual abuse is bad damaging scarring illegal that happened to them will prevent them from living "normal life"is not or ever will be right. the number 1 step should be education which can be taught like sexual feelings we all have programmed in us from birth. we are all sexual cant deny that.
Answered May 26, 2014
There is so much wrong with this I'm not sure where to start. Nearly all you're doing right here is either illegal, dangerous to your health, or both. You nedd to understand that this is an adult matter for a reason- not because someones trying to keep the fun stuff away or because they don't think youre deserving enough. You're not mentally, physically, or emotionally ready for the responsibilities that sex carries. You need to stop all this right now. If there is something you are curious or interested in, I suggest you go to a parent or a trusted adult in your life like a school counselor. They are there to help you with concerning problems without judging or disrespecting you- do that to clear up anything you might be confused about. But please, stop, don't even think about it, just stop.
Answered May 26, 2014
Edited May 26, 2014
I think you shouldn't do it. You might get pregnant! And if you do, will you be ready to take care of the baby? It is very hard to support a family for an adult much less a child like you! It's your decision if you want to do it, but please be aware of the consequences kay? Also... Where the heck did you heard that!? I only learn what sex is when I was in high school! What's with kids nowadays? Anyway thats all I can say sweetie.
Answered May 30, 2014
As fun as sex may seem, it has its many complicated dangers as well. Sexually transmitted diseases, infections, rise and production of a baby, all that. Heck, giving birth at YOUR age... the birth process is something else you need to learn.

All I'm saying is, it's illegal, but is it really all that bad to have kids try stuff for a first? Strongly recommend against it all, but, we need to face the facts, you're growing up! Get as much information about sex and how it REALLY works before actually attempting it.
Answered Aug 04, 2014
Its easy.... dont do it. TA-DA! what the Fuck is wrong with kids these days? when I was young the only thing I would worry about is not getting bad grades.
Answered Aug 04, 2014

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