How do I get good grades in school?

How do I get an A or a B or a C in school?
Asked Mar 26, 2013
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Study, pay attention in class, and do homework! duhhh...
Answered Mar 26, 2013
If you're having trouble in specific classes, talk to your teachers about what you can do. Ask about tutoring as well.

Be sure you're getting to bed early enough that you have the energy to stay alert all day in class.
Answered Mar 26, 2013
In order to get good grades, I:
2. Pay attention (If you listen to the teacher and study, homework will be waaaaay easier.)
3. Study for tests
4. Raise my hand when I think I know the answer
5. Do my homework
These really work.
Don't procrastinate for projects! Do a little everyday.
Don't annoy the teacher!
Ask your teacher about what you can improve on.
Before tests, tell yourself that you will do a good job.
Take notes of significant things that the teacher says.
If you get distracted, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!
Manage your time wisely. So don't spend too much time on other things.
Look enthusiastic and happy at school.
Good Luck!

Answered Mar 26, 2013
Take notes in class and write down especially what the teacher stresses on. When you come home, review those notes and do your homework. If you have doubts about something, ask the teacher.

Do this for every class and you should do very well in school.

And study more before midterms and exams.
Answered Mar 27, 2013
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Answered Oct 08, 2018
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Answered Aug 13, 2019
Doing well in high school will have so many benefits for your life within the long-term. recovering grades in secondary school is one issue, however to induce into the colleges you wish, it’s important to induce good grades in high school grades.

Besides, your educational achievement could be a major issue once you’re trying to win competitive scholarships.
1. inspire yourself
If you're not satisfied along with your grades, don't get down on yourself - try self-motivation instead. believe yourself and encourage yourself to stay targeted on your work. choose a goal or series of goals, and use that as your motivation.
2. Listen and participate in class
It may be hard, especially if you've got a keep personality, however participation can show your teacher that you just do really care about their subject and need better grades. teachers usually base the grades on various factors, and participation is one in every of them.
3. Take thorough notes during a class
This will make sure that you are doing not miss any necessary information. Note taking is a very important ability that may translate to better grades in college also.
4. don't hesitate to ask for help
If you're experiencing issues with certain subjects, you'll always raise your teacher or peers for help once the class. another choice is to ask your parents if they will afford a private tutor for you.
5. keep focused during your homework
Find a quiet working place to handle your school assignment in a distraction-free environment. put your phone aside or at least mute all notification sounds so you're not distracted. you'll additionally use apps that lock a phone for a certain period of time.

Answered Oct 15, 2019

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