Query based on the caste system of India

I want to know that why do we divide people on the basis of their caste that is inherited from their ancestors ? In vedic era, Caste system was bought into action but people were divided into castes on the basis of their profession they choose. But these days, people are blindly categorized by their surnames & maybe bcz of that our constitution has to make reservations for SC/ST people. Why can't we once again adopt the age-old system of dividing people into caste on the basis of the profession they choose ? I would like to know the reasons for the same. Thanks- A student from B.Ar
Asked Mar 24, 2013
Intresting question. The only time people hear about caste system is when there is negative publicity. It certainly does have its place - but only if observed in a positive way. You cannot move from one caste to another - as its the profession that you are changing - and the caste is much deeper in meaning then just a profession. We should look at caste system with a new out look and see it in such a way that we can reep benefits - unless we all chage our mind frame and share the new positive image people will always look at caste system in a negative way. Finally the 'new apprentice & work experience' is actually following the way the cast system led - training in order to bring in enterprise.....work. So maybe we should be targetting all with such thoughts that will then challenge old systems and build new frameworks....
Answered Jul 31, 2013
Just to add - the SC +++ is infact positive descrimation - which allows people who would never get a chance to get into that skill/voc. If we had an equal opportunity approach that worked and was accountable to a fair and constant system - not influenced by the seleceted few - then this too would not be needed.
Hindu Jul 31, 2013

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