What is the title of this zombie movie?

I barely know any details all I know is that it's about two guys who are best friends who meet a rocker guy and a girl and the girl somehow knows how to get the cure to help all the zombies. So later in the movie the rocker dies and the girl gets bitten and on the airplane (they were going to the place where the chemicals for the cure are found) she turns into a zombie and they had to throw her off the plane. They arrive at the town but it seemed to be infected by the virus so one of them gets bitten and turns into a zombie and while the remaining human tries to help his friend he kills him accidentally. So the end scene is just him in a boat paddling away to basically nowhere.

I always wanted to find out the name of the movie but I couldn't. It would really mean a lot if someone could help me out here! Thank you :)
Asked Mar 22, 2013

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