Why won't my husband go down on me?

He will not go down on my vagina, and I want to know why
Asked Mar 21, 2013

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All sex is sometimes giving and sometimes receiving. Since humans have no sex organs in our mouths, the benefit for the giver is in the knowledge that they are making their partner feel good. It's a way of expressing how you feel about them. I'm not suggesting that he doesn't care, he may think it's not a big deal to you. If it is though, it then becomes a communication problem. Tell him how you feel about it and his answer may tell you more about how he feels about you than how he feels about oral sex.

Give him a hint. Put his pillow on the other end of the bed. :-)
Answered Mar 21, 2013
Edited Mar 21, 2013
It could be any number of reasons its hard to say why he won't. It would be good if you just asked him directly and tell him its important to you that he goes down on you.
Answered Mar 22, 2013

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