I need help with my 5th grade science project, any advice?

Asked Mar 20, 2013
What do you have to do? Is it like a science fair where you can do anything, or does it need to be a specific something?
You know when you put red cabbage in a bag and pour water in it. crush it and the water turns blue. I want to see if it works with other clear substances.
im in grade 6 and im doing a science fair too! im doing a neon waiter trick what you would need is: a cup, water(fell the water up to the top almost), a U.V light kinda like a violet light(you can get them at a craft store), highlighter(you need to cut the highlighter in half just to let you know), and that it!
1. cut your highlighter in half an get the felt out.
2. put water in your cup and mix it a bit with the highlight so it can soak a bit in the water.
3. go in a dark room and turn on your U.V light and watch it glow.
i hope this helps and if you can't do this then search on the internet just type cool science experiments and there! so by and again I hope this helps!!

Answered Mar 20, 2013

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