Am I wasting my time on this relationship?

Okay so there is this guy I have liked for a while now. He lives about 25 mins away from me but goes to college about and hour away ...where he now lives. He will go long period of time without texting me but then out of the blue he would message me like nothing happen .... A couple days before New Years he texted me asking if I wanted to go see fireworks with him and two of his friends which date ... I said yes ... His response was our first date how romantic. Then something came up and I couldn't go ... Over time he drops little hints or so I think that he likes me ... Then he invites me to his party ....I go I know about 6 people out of 30 ... So I'm clearly going for him ... He ends up getting drunk and making out with a girl there ... A that moment I wanted to leave but I couldn't ... I told my family I was staying the night ... So as the night gets later I'm hanging with his friend meeting new people ... I find out that his older brother likes me and so does the kid I likes friend.... The next day when we were cleaning someone mentioned those guys liking me ... His comment was on hey your boyfriend isn't coming over today ... Ill so lost. I don't know if I'm wasting my time on him ... I need help from guys and girls.
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Anonymous User
Asked Mar 20, 2013
Well, obviously not knowing the situation in depth IRL, I'm never going to be an expert opinion here, but I'd say if a guy makes out that he's interested in you, invites you to a party, gets drunk... if he's going to snog anyone there, should be you, surely? :) Seeing as he snogged someone else, I'd say it's pretty clear that he's just not interested in you enough to only be properly interested in you. I mean there's looking at other girls, and there's making out with them. Sounds like he's just a playa to me :/
Answered Mar 21, 2013

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