I wish to sex with my 24 years elder sister,who normally wears transparent Suit & white Bra at home.

Normally, my 24 year elder sister wear Salwar & Suit. I touch her boobs & unhook her bra from outside her Suit several times. Whenever she wear transparent Suit then her white Bra clearly visible from her transparent Suit.
My elder sister is working as a receptionist in an MNC in Delhi. She goes to office in Sari. Whenever she wears Sari, her white Bra and its straps are clearly visible from her blouse. Normally she comes back to home at 6 pm. Having come to home, firstly she goes to change her cloths in her bedroom. I have seen her several times by key-hole to change her cloths. When she removes her Sari then she becomes in blouse and petticoat only. After keep her removed Sari properly, she wear Salwar and then she removed her petticoat . Now she looked in Salwar and blouse. After it she unhooked her blouse and remove it. Now she looked in Salwar and white Bra only. To see her in such cloths, I just wish to sex with her. After it, she wear her Suit and come outside her bedroom without her Dupatta. Normally she doesn’t use her Dupatta that's why whenever she is at home, her white Bra clearly visible from her thin/transparent Suit. Whenever we both are alone at home, I try to touch her boobs & unhooked her bra outside from her Suit and I did it several times but she never told me anything. When she was taking bath today, she called me from bathroom. When I went there, (without open the bathroom door) she told me to bring her cloths, which she has forgot in her bedroom. I went to her bedroom and brought her cloths. Having reached outside the bathroom, I informed her that I brought her cloths. She replied, "Wait!” After 1 minute, she opened the bathroom door. I saw, she pasted/covered her front with the help of wetted Suit. Her straps of white Bra clearly visible at her both shoulder. She takes her cloths from me and she turned back to keep those cloths at rings. When she turned back, I saw back view. She was in only two cloths- a sky Panty and a white Bra. Very first time I was looking my elder sister in such cloths. Kept her cloths at rings she turned back to close the door and she felt too shame when she saw me to stand there so she down her eyes, she quickly close the bathroom door. After 10 minutes, when I went to her bedroom I saw her in front of mirror. I unhooked her bra from outside her suit but she didn’t speak anything. She is not in menstruation periods these days because she tells me to bring Sanitary pad (Stayfree) in 1-2 day of every month. Now I want to make physical relation with her. I want that she’ll be ready herself to make physical relation with me. What should I do? Mummy-Papa comes home in weekend only.
Asked Mar 20, 2013
You can't see tro a key hole! Can you?
Go for it.....have fun!!

You should not have sex with your sister. Its wrong. Can't you get a girlfriend?
Answered Mar 23, 2013
This is purely infatuation. Please guard her morale. After all she is your sister and not next door woman. God gives sister to only blessed brothers and not to all. she has some responsibility to light the house of others with pure mind, heart and soul, do not disturb this arrangement given by god. Good day will come to you to have sex with your life partner (ultimately she will also be sister to one of her brother and I don't think you will have suspicious on her brother as you have been doing now). The relations will get sour. If your sister comes to know of your motive to have closeness to her fidelity, she may get angry and become one of the black mark on your character. This is nothing but character assassination of a women in a secluded house. You will have all sorts of problems. You will not come up financially, mentally, spiritually and morally in case you have sex with your sister. Do not think of this hereafter. She is an angel given by the god to your family and protect her modesty till she is given to other family member by way of good marriage. Still if you feel you are having urge to do unwanted things, go to some good astrologer, ask them what is the reason. I do think you must do some NARAYANA BALI for departed soul in your family and it is quiet its act upon you to do all this mischievous. God bless you with good character and health.
Answered Mar 17, 2014
don't have sex with your sister no offense but that's just sick...
Answered Apr 10, 2013
Year just sick
I mean yeah just sick!
Go for it! Tomorrow unhook her bra and put your hand up her top to touch her boobs, if she stays still and lets you start touching her ass. Take her to bed and put a condom on, then do what you wanna do!
Answered May 05, 2013
And let me knowing this helped!
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Easy : stick penis inside vagina + add stimulation to clitorious
Answered May 15, 2013
stop doing all this bullshit.you should consult a psychiatrist immediately. try to stay way from your sister even she is not condemning you.
Answered Jun 03, 2013
Finger her
Answered Jul 05, 2014
You are a lucky Guy!!!!!
Answered Apr 12, 2013
Whenever your sister will be alone at home, try to seduce her. if she will not speak anything then go ahead and undress her.
Answered Apr 07, 2013
Edited Apr 07, 2013

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