WHy do men always hurt women in a relationship?

Asked Mar 19, 2013
This is a big generalization. *All* men don't *always* hurt women in relationships. I've known several men who were hurt very deeply in relationships, and I've also know women who intentionally hurt men as well. A woman can hurt a man just like a man can hurt a woman. A man can experience hurt and pain just like a woman can experience hurt and pain.

If this is a recurring issue for you, have a long, hard, honest look at what patterns you see repeating in your relationships and think about how/if you may be contributing as well. If this happens over and over for you, think about how you're picking the guys and make some adjustments to your selection process.
Answered Mar 19, 2013
they are crazy. But eventually you will meet the guy who doesnt hurt you. don't stop believing. Dont grow bitter, although it is tempting lol. Give a new guy a chance, if he tries to win you over and he treats you right. Hold out for the guy who does this. Don't sleep with a guy too soon. You teach guys how to treat you. respect yourself and he will have to respect you, or kick him to the curb
Answered Mar 19, 2013
Because sometimes all some men can do is cause pain to others. These are not the right kind of men but unfortunately there are many of these these days. A true gentleman would not hurt you but would cause you pleasure.
Answered Mar 19, 2013
from my experience I think woman intentionally hurt men because men push them yes your point taken women can hurt men just the same as men hurt women but it all boils down to men cause you to react
people hurt each other, its works all ways M/M M/F F/F its doesn't matter but as time progresses you will likely find someone who will see that they have hurt you and try to fix it, someone who will treat you right as often as they can. nobody in this world is perfect we all make mistakes. Skydancer has a valid point aswell. you just have to wait until the right time and the right person and perhaps re-think your "RELATIONSHIP FILTER" because if you keep dating the same kind of people you will get the same results now granted sometimes even though we seek different people it can still be VERY HARD to find a person who will give it their all, it just takes time and patients :) and never giving up on what you want in a guy someone will rise to the plate (unless you have completely unrealistic expectations but that's another Q&A.)
Answered Nov 13, 2015
Men dont always hurt women but yes people hurt each other.
Men are stronger and bigger than their women and probably were abused. They are crazy. You gotta find someone else
Answered Nov 14, 2015
It's not a question of men hurting women but has to do more with women feeling and believing that men hurt them with the way men treat, talk to them or don't give attention to them the way they think a man should. basically it's all about a women's attitude whether she is or isn't hurt by a man, most likely because women are more sensitive then men also.
Answered Feb 04, 2016
men have this stupid pride and consider themselves somehow superior, and then there is the oedipus complex--- a mommas boy is even more emotionally not ok to real women out there, and he hurts them yes
Answered Sep 29, 2017

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