Why do guys always cheat on girls in a relationship?

I'm 18yrs. I recently broke up and My question is why do guys always cheat on girls whenever the girl gets too serious about her relationship? Why does a guy always looks for an opportunity to break the girl's heart and why do guys don't get hurt the way girls do?
Asked Mar 19, 2013
If you ask me there are no real signs that indicate infidelity or cheating. People are smart up to various degrees and therefore employ different strategies to hide there cheating acts. Sometimes your partner may exhibit some of the common signs and yet they aren't even cheating on you. Sometimes your partner may cover up their tracks very well, making it difficult for you to notice any signs.
Therefore, I will always recommend that if you truly want to know if your partner is cheating, just think about it, they will definitely communicate by phone so having access to your partner's phone remains the ultimate technique.
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Answered Jun 09, 2018
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Answered Mar 19, 2013
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