Math help please? (BEWARE VERY HARD)

1) One leg of a right triangle has length 20 and the radius of the inscribed circle is 6:
Compute the length of the hypotenuse of the right triangle.
answer: 29

2) Let a be a positive number such that a^2009-2a + 1 = 0: Find all possible values
of the sum S = 1 + a + a^2 +… + a^2008:
answer: 2 & 2009 (I can find 2009 but I can’t find out how to get 2)
3) Suppose (a + bi)^2 = 4(b + ai); where a > 0; b > 0; and I =rad -1; If a + bi =r(cosx + isin x); what is the ordered pair (r,x)? ( x should be in radians)
Answer:( 4, pi/6)
Asked Mar 17, 2013
im only in 5 grade idk wat ur taalking about
Google it. It will come up and it's a website and it will show you a step by step model it's like spent hung with wolf in the website name but I forget what exactly.
Answered May 21, 2014
which number shows how many hundred. 1 1 0
Answered Mar 22, 2017

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